Just one of those thangs

One of the fine, fine benefits of fresh unemployment is the (false) illusion that you’ll have so much more time to get to those things. You know what those things are. Sock drawer (I swear it’s Smurfs who take socks and that’s why I cannot find mates), update financial records, organize recipes, lounge in the sun, write a blog.

Hey, wait. I’m writing a blog. Hurrah, I’m tackling one of TT (those things).

So, to me. Newly unencumbered by a clock, wreckless in my giddy-ness to begin, I begin. Today is just that. A new beginning. Why not? Why the hell not?


About loricallister

A learner, trying to keep away from the tar pit at all times. Sassy, but not bossy. Girly but not fussy. I ponder, and sometimes I overthink. Is that so bad?
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One Response to Just one of those thangs

  1. Nancy Buley says:

    Lori, why the hell not! Congratulations on starting your blog. Call me!

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