Oklahoma, meet Twitter-oma

The corn is as high as an elephant's eye

I made a promise to myself some years back that I would never ever never have to watch the play Oklahoma! again after seeing the umpty-umpth high school production with some much-loved child of a much-loved friend in a pivotal role. But here I am again, preparing to attend our city’s professional theater‘s production tonight. Why, I ask myself. Perhaps “I’m just a girl who can’t say no.” And if you’ve seen Oklahoma! as many times as I, you will get the joke there.

But I’ve been pondering this newest production. It will be unlike any other Oklahoma! I’ve seen because it will be informed by the director with his own take, and he’s chosen to cast it with an all-African American cast. He did his research: there was a group of African Americans who homesteaded in OK back in the day, and he’s hopeful to make that part of the story.

What I’ve also been pondering is that like this play will be New/Old, it also reflects much of what we’re all trying to accomplish with our New/Old ways of communicating and building relationships. I speak here of Twitter. So, so many people have said to me (and particularly 20-somethings with great distain) that Twitter is SUCH a waste of time. Why do I care about what you had for breakfast. True. True.

But remember the party lines? If you do, you’re old enough to remember sneakily picking up the receiver to listen in on another conversation. If it wasn’t interesting, or if it was Mrs. Petty who never did anything titillating, you just softly replaced the receiver. But if it was one of the Gilstead girls, well, that was a different matter. You hung on every word, so to speak.

Twitter is like that. You find the Gilsteads not the Pettys. You listen to those who have something to teach you. And you learn something new. Find something new. Pass on something new.

So, tonight, I’ll settle into my seat and like always, I know I’ll be transported in this production to an old time, but with a new feeling. I’m all atwitter.


About loricallister

A learner, trying to keep away from the tar pit at all times. Sassy, but not bossy. Girly but not fussy. I ponder, and sometimes I overthink. Is that so bad?
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2 Responses to Oklahoma, meet Twitter-oma

  1. shoshana says:

    As far as I’m concerned, one can never see OKLAHOMA too many times, nor Sound of MUSIC, South Pacific, or pretty much any Rogers and H. musical score. Yeah – I know ALL the Words to ALL the songs – thanks in part to Mrs. Robinson, my grade school teacher who could stand (not sit) at the piano and direct and inspire (in her own weird way), unruly adolescents. Thanks also to my parents who insisted we all sing along with Ethel Merman and Mitch Miller on Sunday mornings. Don’t forget Shirley Temple – yup, Animal Crackers in My Soup (which I sang ad-nauseum to my kids while putting them to bed) and the list goes on…’course, there was summer camp that added zillions of tunes to my repertoire. I can pretty much take on anyone song-by-song if it’s show hits, TV theme songs, and the like. Come on – I dare ya! Pick a Little – Talk a Little (or sing a little)..and I got me some grapefruit from TX and yeah – the DAR have sent a cannon for the courthouse square!

    • Thanks, Sho – and ok, the challenge is on. I think I may call in the big guns – my friend Celia, who can also recite most any and all show tune. I have to say, I lose it when it comes to Carousel and Flower Drum Song.

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