Do you have Roof Awareness?

You know how it is when you’re in the market for a new car, and you’re considering oh, a Honda Fit, and all of a sudden you see Fits everywhere? Or you need to re-roof your house, and crazily, every street you drive down you now see roofs in serious need of repair?

I call that Roof Awareness – the phenomenon of being hyper aware of whatever it is you are mulling buying, getting, making or fixing – whatever is looming in your subconscious. We’re like that, we humans.

It’s like that in social media and marketing, as well. You’re unaware of most of the thousands of marketing messages that come at us everyday, until suddenly, you need that new vacuum cleaner ’cause yours just broke, and viola! There are vacuum cleaner ads everywhere.

Michael Brito, senior vice president for social business planning for Edelman Digital, spoke today at a PRSA breakfast. He alluded to this phenomenon, and cited the Edelman Trust Barometer study that says customers need to hear a message 3 to 5 times before they believe it.

So, as communicators and social media messengers, it behooves us to put our messages out there all the time, consistently, not dropping out and back in again. Because you never know when someone will all of a sudden get Roof Awareness. And we oughta be ready to give them the roof of their dreams.

Michael has written a book, Smart Business, Social Business: a playbook for social media in your organization. I’m looking forward to diving in.


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A learner, trying to keep away from the tar pit at all times. Sassy, but not bossy. Girly but not fussy. I ponder, and sometimes I overthink. Is that so bad?
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