Little darlin’

It’s been a long cold lonely winter. But you know what? Spring has GOT to be here soon. And with it is new beginnings, right? What is it about Spring that makes us want to start anew. Is it spring cleaning? Is it clear skies (well sorta clear skies, if you live in Portland like I do…not necessarily perfectly clear skies). And is it clarity we seek? Clarity … I am cloudy today after learning about the death of a man I knew who I thought was a pretty good guy. Drank too much, yeah. Lousy eating habits, sure. But a really smart guy who was a leader in his field. To put it nicely, he died in the arms of “another woman,” and not his wife. And I’m really bugged by the comments of those who are saying, “yeah, but what a way to go.” Really? REALLY? He’s like a bad baseball statistic that requires an asterisk to explain the rest of the record. Every single time anyone thinks of him now, they’ll think of this truckload of garbage he also heaped onto his family and his grave, so to speak.
So, what’s this got to do with spring and fresh start and clarity? Doesn’t the death of someone, and the end of winter make us stop short and think? The start of spring and the loss of someone we know certainly leads me to introspection. Watching this man’s life end so swiftly and so dramatically makes me pause. Maybe what I take away from this loss, and this new season, is how I start over in small ways – like my work (see below) trying to carve new habits with tiny steps.  So. Today I’ll work at approaching my work with gusto. Today I’ll get that 30 minutes of exercise in. Today I’ll pick up ALL my clothes. It’s such simple stuff that adds up to the whole life. I’m trying to remember that as I think about this man. I’m going to try very hard to not focus on the death of this fellow, but the life. As for myself, I guess in the end, all I have, or anyone for that matter, is today. Never know about that tomorrow, do we?


About loricallister

A learner, trying to keep away from the tar pit at all times. Sassy, but not bossy. Girly but not fussy. I ponder, and sometimes I overthink. Is that so bad?
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3 Responses to Little darlin’

  1. lstenzel says:

    Beautifully expressed…

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