Do we find time or is it already there?

If we spend all our assets based on priorities – this much for food, this much for indulgences, this much for car payments – do you think of time that way? I’m starting to. How careful I tend to be about spending, but think nothing of a day half gone on the weekend with nothing to show for it. Will it make me a better person if I try to imagine time like money? Probably not. But I hope it motivates me to exercise more often… sigh.

So how do I incorporate motivating myself without being obsessive about time? Is it a good thing or a bad thing to think about how many summers are left, or whether to be quite guilty about being a couch potato on a rainy afternoon. How many times we use metaphors for time that have to do with value? Time is money. Spending time. Yesterday is a canceled check.

Are you contemplating how you ‘spend’ your time? Do you worry about it? Am I nuts?

OK, gotta go! Time’s awastin’


About loricallister

A learner, trying to keep away from the tar pit at all times. Sassy, but not bossy. Girly but not fussy. I ponder, and sometimes I overthink. Is that so bad?
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